how it is

the wind blows
the clouds are scuttling 
    across the sky
  tonight   and I am 
thinking about love
and you know   because of this
I am thinking about  you

you know   that    all the goddesses
   wily and warm   as they are
provoke me   into love     

prompt the chittering of my tongue
  and its   languid moments
touching upon you

you know I am taking you
 into the haven of my arms
 into the wet dark  of me
where miracles of the moment
 happen  and happen

and I am drunk on love
  and touch
and you___

this is the meaning of body
this is  the meaning of spirit

this is the meaning   of  
   mind     merging with mind

my words hiss through my teeth
this is a sign of intensity

time is short
shorter than it’s been in the past
and I no longer  have  time
for  so-so

that is why my teeth are clenched
and my feelings are sieving through
the spaces between my teeth
as I draw breath   to fuel
this moment    of
 experienced life

I have been touched  today
  with love
and I am touching you
  wih love

because my words are possible
my sensate thought  wrapping
around you  the way    my  cunt 
    wraps around you and holds
you tight  even as you move   within
   me    I want you  I want
you  I want    give  
   me your    thinking   your dreams
I want   I want    I want to
fill you  full fill you

this is the moment


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