cave art

cave art


truth leaked from out  the words

her truths  soaked up in  rag bond

smudging   page white

  red words obscured    in their making

by her hand  writing   from the bottom up

 skin drawn   across wet ink   smearing

 her wound script    unwinding

ordinary glamoured     asemic

   the masques of apparent


            erased by her body

each cluster of scrawl

   crawls toward decipherage


this is blood script

  lunar calligraphy

   tidal swept   weepings

  from her walls

the embracing cipher 


for  eons


the geode   stone fig

  infloresces  her quartz petals

  awaits  the impregnating


her suffusing blush   contained

   behind stone walls

her imprisoned  verse  unfurled

  unheard  and echoing within her cell


before writing

at her core
a wanton container  

the taste of words
the lingering scent
of the transient   contained
by her  embrace

reluctant to loose   from possession
 to spill   what was heaped

changes, changes

perturbations in my cranial
discomfort over a MIA friend
leaves me feeling as though
I’m mourning a Beloved lost at sea

and while that might be
a siren’s lot in life
it is neither fun
nor inspiring

sticker that I am
with those I care about
I cannot just shrug
and forget it

it contributes, I’m certain
to my Muses having gone
almost completely silent

meanwhile I knit:
at least ten projects on needles
all for other people I wish to have
a palpable piece of almost me

and I am trying to change my current events
I was better off before I started paying attention
to that world out there

today’s dream 03.01.09

today’s dream 03.01.09

someone stripped the rubber covering off
the front porch roof  (which was just laid there
this past summer  and I recently told the landlord
who’s away for two years that it LEAKS!)

I was living in an apartment building
my place  several rooms
a couple of stories up
many of the apartments emptied
  where’d everybody go?

returned from hallway
into mine
 and it. . . 

naturally    I fell right along with it
and was buried in detritus ‘n debris
(which was, I noted dispassionately, rather rubbery and
spongy; not the timber and plaster  bricks
  and nails you’d expect)

all was pitch black
“I am buried alive.” I told myself
“I must create
   a wedge that will give me a sliver of
   light  and     space    a needle’s eye portal
   to  Outside.”
“And I will crawl through.”

so saying   fists clenched
and held close up to my cheeks
  the nock of my elbow    my forearm
pressing hard  into   my breasts

and then
  I inhaled and EXPANDED
my elbows began to lift
  wing like
and the detritus coccooning me
began to retreat
over and over I repeated this action
and eventually I had created
the eye of the needle of escape
and crawled out
 from under

people on the street were standing
gazing upward at where    my dwelling used to be

so I crawled out
and brushed off the dust
and went looking for
some explanation
and to see how much of my lair
was still intact

suddenly the apartment interior
was the interior of  here

and it was second floor rooms
 that had fallen
(still the outside was in more of a city
and emily was living here
and her room had fallen
and she was here to see
 what was lost
both as herself as she is now
and also as an emily about 20 years older
and the now-em tok me into the kitchen
to show me  she had  rearranged the cabinets
 and appliance
and she was not at all upset
about her fallen room

more followed
 but I have forgotten