random motion

random motion
   ~~~ for Sharon

mind   migrant and with a mind
 of its own

compels       the   limb
 antsy and haywired  and
                        hell bent     heaven
      sent    for location
it signs the air
with   enigmatic  persuasions
    of  prickle stick  of thorn
    and thicket
high price of  berries
ripeness of pebbles
  and beach  plums
out of reach     roving mind
  in close touch   &            stung  by

hornets  and    paper wasps
drown’d in honey   hair combed
 stingers plucked from her knees

unleashing   a trill of
   withering quip
beach pebbles articulate
unruly speech unshored   shouted
above  wave   and bluster’d air
moving finger points   writes
              moves on
a bolt  of jagged ragged  light

unmastered   mustered gesticulate to
  gulls and    rocs
line logic’s   dune drift    fence
set down in    foam  and seethe
 brain  and   wave

mooning over  polypeptides
psychic loose in the  neural  labyrinth
  the beating she took  of  eve’s ribbing

what makes a life worth

the gnarled thought
the taste of his  slick
     he was toffee

3 blue   in the orchestra pit
 the fiery wheel   score
score    score    scored  scorned
scoffed   scared  scarred 

deep inside the thinking
a thought   stuck in the muck
the slough  the sloughing off
minute by minute   it creeping
toward  a forgotten or
unknown    never named
goal  or
        place or
                person and this phase will
have shown itself to be more than pupation
more than the clockworks
the clogs clittering and ratcheting and chittering
and rattling   o the bones   the bones
leaden and numb laden  but from out
the reliable eye sockets
   immoveable bone!
the seeing   tastes the thicket
bramble black  the juice  her word
ripe fruit and  subject of her
 objective lens  as to what
for wit’s sake  was the meaning
  or was there some better quest___ion

there was    as a score to this event
   her sloughing along
the suction up of the muck through
  the raising of exhausted limbs
the clouds above  signaled
  curry     signaled peppers  and lamb
signaled the passage of another week
 for pearls  and rubeletta
the very great desire  and satisfaction
to move erratically   thumping and rumping the
  silken walls of this coccoon
head-spinning meaning into beautiful tatters of
  wing  and  word    lace

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