seeking correspondence

seeking correspondence

springing forth into
the glorious turmoil of the quotidian
the grinding of coffee beans under the roof
under the overcast sky
and its gentle downpour
the simple tasks of feeding cats
 and washing the last of the last day’s dishes
the hot water and suds  waking my tactile sense
the brewing coffee  fragrancing dawn
spectacular mornings are more
 than   magnificent sunrises

reading the runes of

the form water takes settling in the low 
 places on the roof

the order in which raindrops strike
 the maple leaves

what the clouds say
the wind song sung by the trees
 high in the crowns

write me into your thoughts
whisperings of enunciate



from the wasp waist’d  glass

now shattered

 the scattered sand

pulled from seep

beneath my feet

  back to the mothersea