the alchemist’s workshop

the alchemist’s workshop

picture me   palms pressed
       against the alembic’s glass walls
vexed in my concave enclosure
 perplexed by the reflected stretch
  of my features   
process   transformed 
 the refinement   never 
what was expected 
absorbing  heat  and view
meowling my change state
  in leery vocables
this register  unscaled by the voice
  before  this one

memories of what I was   bleach
        in the presence of  what pours in
  from outside this transparency
fading   fading   in the presence 
of the messenger
 mercurial and   ever-present
within the confines of this muthering pot

lazy mind pushed into action
 compressed and spun out
into the mind thread

I speak the “I”
because I cannot speak  otherwise
I is the only One  resident
in this transforming alembic
forgoing instruction
and testaments of You/They/We
one alone  and yet
attachments are woven
on the looms of emotion

this tapestry I weave
is warped on Love
and my shuttle flies
over and under depicting 
the We of outside in

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