the chimera’s eye

the chimera’s eye

my attention scatters
my imagination quantum leaps
 my cells divide
   and divide  and div diva dive

yet in the pool of fallen water
  reflection  quivering    still whole

speech struts and stammers
 its outword flow
as otherwords leak from my fingertips

reweaving wisdom of the body with 
    wisdom of the spirit
two   too long sundered

the binding thread is mind
plied with  what has been
what is and what will be
  all seen    through the chimera’s eye
(and how she laughs  and how she shivers
   surprised and terrified)

sung to  by a distant spider part   her web
limned in morning fog  high in the spruce
herself too small   for sighting
me    seeress of inconsequential happenings
  and startlements  
 I read the runes
 written by unruly energy

these waves and particles
  particularly ordered in the pattern dance
  I call myself
 serpentwining with the in  found out
  in the lidless blink of the chimera’s 
  manifold I

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