pasiphae’s song

Pasiphae’s song

certain magics move us to the quick
a gestured expression  rooted in desire
burns through the haze of gentility
and we aspire  to slough all civilized restraints 
 to assume the bindings of this wild place  
where nectar brewed inside the cave
so sweet   the risk   the sting 
of sacrificial pain  is gladly taken as
  price of wanton bliss

tied to the horns 
 of the moon   
 of the womb
 of the bull
the dilemma we straddle
 reaching for honey 
 risking the toxic prick

dark cavern of the mind
home to   visions shadowcast  by flare
the nectar’d sweetness   the light bearing wax
where desire hibernates in fissured cracks
waiting for the wakening heat 
a nest of newborn wants 
writhes to be heeded

let reason  the subduer
 submit to passion
 contraptioned in the dark
freeing the fire  it can neither comprend
  nor tame  
to be expressed
 in the sacred tongue of profaned love 
 by which we are bound together
 in our arts

considering Dionysos

considering Dionysos
        ~~~the god that comes

bringer of ecstasy  
I will play upon  your pipe
 the wild reedy melody 
 of rapture

leaving reason to the city streets
 flensed by logic’s lye
we bed down  in this glade
 upon the moss  beneath the trees

I will be laced by leaf   and breeze
  and collared  by a wreath of  scented vine

and though the day is fair
there will be rains   exchanged
  between us

this moment put to  collaborative
 arts and gestures   erasing time
a flourish of fingerprints upon the spine
a sustained wag of the tongue
 between unsealed lips

I sing my glorianas 
 in the untamed language of
  living heat
now at the pace of the snail
  laying her iridescent track
  along your body
 now lightning  jolting  you 
  to electric quick
back to the meteoric flash  across the zodiac
making the rounds  constellation by constellation

forces of nature   in our palms
and we command springs to swell
  and well from the caverns beneath
we traverse thermal couplings
 link by link  through every species
undoing progress  countermanding restraint
excessive in our breech  of 
 civilized conduct  teetering on the lip
  of fertile chaos

mid the clashes and slams of collison
 molecules break and atoms scatter
in distant aftermath  to regather  
into  new constructs
 of satyr and nymph
as we finger the stops
blow hot breath  across the open holes
at play and playing  this sacred melody  
upon the pipe  again and



the thoughts thinking me
 throw a feint:
a simple letter “i”
 a bone   upon which 
 they embroider with 
  a multitude of fancy stitch
until it glistens and gleams as an “I”

the thinking thoughts
dangle  a fly on the chameleon’s
  unfurled tongue    
 disbelief suspended
anything might happen
 among the words to come
making us up as they pour forth
from t’wixt our open lips  
from finger dances  across the board

thinking “tree”
  the word as much a part of Tree
as root and trunk
 and fractaling branches  and  me
  the thought fall of leaves
 and needles 
fruit  heavy on the boughs
setting my ubiquitous omnipresent I
high in the crown   I caw  I trill  I warble
from beneath   in the shadow of foliage
I coo   I whip poor will
in winter  as wind
I make rough love
as vine  I twine 
pressing my embrace  I climb
as snow  I blanket 
the fallen seed
as lightning  as age
I strike it down

fallen amongst the seedlings
shape shifting into fungus  and moss
I begin again to grow into arboreal song

certain fascinations with dark parts

certain fascinations with dark parts

kiss and tell time   breaking 
 through the barricades
  of skin and sin
now comes the revolution
stalking the streets   making appearance
in alleys and dead ends
she’s dressed for battle
in time tattered  gauze 
  and lace
this is her power  her weapon
 the sheath  where blades are
  laid to  febrile rest   in peace

each and every abyss
  the dark parts of the withins 
framed by lips

time was   they headed for the
cave  the open mouth of darkness
on hands and knees  crawling   wriggling in/
  to darkness   into the deep interior
into an extension of  the vocal register  into
  vision   the primal dance  giving birth
to the sweep of carbon black  and ochre
 hand   maiden to the seen
grinder of pigment

come to me,  sweet beast
against the storm outside
against the dangers
 of hunger  
 of  being eaten
and yet

watch your step

many the entrances
  and entries 
  into the underworld
home below  as above
to fathomed joys  and
unfathomable griefs
of crystalline ‘tites   ‘mites
and towering columns
that would glitter up
  the perpetual night
  save for the absence 
  of  see bearing light

beneath my hair    my scalp
beneath my scalp   my skull
and within   this chalice filled
 the fretworked  understream
 of spirit  the woven eddies and swirls
 the unseen fire 
lighting   warming
animating  what comes to light
as the dark parted woman within

rain brought and wrought

rain brought and wrought

I am sloshing through  these
 rain riven days
 listening  to the melodies
 of spatter  drip  pelt
 the thunder rumble  and crack
 the dusky whisper of the trees

there is great beauty is all this
  mist   the cascade of water  
  outside my window
  created by the steep slope 
  of the roof above
  the drubbing sound that pounds
  on this lower down  porch roof
    I am tempted
       to raise the window
       and venture out      likewise
       to be drubbed and pounded
       and cleansed
 for I have been sullied by . . . 

but wait

my fingers grow mute
  because  spleen and bile
  are not my forte
tempered as I am
toward the deep sweet
  heat of life
garbed  vested  veiled
in various frill and fancy
 of desire 
the needs and wanton wants
pursued in pause and flicker
between rain drops
between sun motes
caught in the thick of 
 grass and dew
a rainbow bed in bloom

I have been summoned
 saved   yet again  by the grace
of saplings beneath their mothers 
 or  far flung from their beginnings
love made as much from earth
as from the sun  rooted deep
between the deeds of worms 
 mycelia and rhizomes
as by rain and light