rain brought and wrought

rain brought and wrought

I am sloshing through  these
 rain riven days
 listening  to the melodies
 of spatter  drip  pelt
 the thunder rumble  and crack
 the dusky whisper of the trees

there is great beauty is all this
  mist   the cascade of water  
  outside my window
  created by the steep slope 
  of the roof above
  the drubbing sound that pounds
  on this lower down  porch roof
    I am tempted
       to raise the window
       and venture out      likewise
       to be drubbed and pounded
       and cleansed
 for I have been sullied by . . . 

but wait

my fingers grow mute
  because  spleen and bile
  are not my forte
tempered as I am
toward the deep sweet
  heat of life
garbed  vested  veiled
in various frill and fancy
 of desire 
the needs and wanton wants
pursued in pause and flicker
between rain drops
between sun motes
caught in the thick of 
 grass and dew
a rainbow bed in bloom

I have been summoned
 saved   yet again  by the grace
of saplings beneath their mothers 
 or  far flung from their beginnings
love made as much from earth
as from the sun  rooted deep
between the deeds of worms 
 mycelia and rhizomes
as by rain and light

One comment on “rain brought and wrought

  1. andy says:

    I read a poem and I know it speaks to me;
    even though I may not yet know just what it saying,
    I know it speaks to me.
    This is one of those.

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