certain fascinations with dark parts

certain fascinations with dark parts

kiss and tell time   breaking 
 through the barricades
  of skin and sin
now comes the revolution
stalking the streets   making appearance
in alleys and dead ends
she’s dressed for battle
in time tattered  gauze 
  and lace
this is her power  her weapon
 the sheath  where blades are
  laid to  febrile rest   in peace

each and every abyss
  the dark parts of the withins 
framed by lips

time was   they headed for the
cave  the open mouth of darkness
on hands and knees  crawling   wriggling in/
  to darkness   into the deep interior
into an extension of  the vocal register  into
  vision   the primal dance  giving birth
to the sweep of carbon black  and ochre
 hand   maiden to the seen
grinder of pigment

come to me,  sweet beast
against the storm outside
against the dangers
 of hunger  
 of  being eaten
and yet

watch your step

many the entrances
  and entries 
  into the underworld
home below  as above
to fathomed joys  and
unfathomable griefs
of crystalline ‘tites   ‘mites
and towering columns
that would glitter up
  the perpetual night
  save for the absence 
  of  see bearing light

beneath my hair    my scalp
beneath my scalp   my skull
and within   this chalice filled
 the fretworked  understream
 of spirit  the woven eddies and swirls
 the unseen fire 
lighting   warming
animating  what comes to light
as the dark parted woman within

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