considering Dionysos

considering Dionysos
        ~~~the god that comes

bringer of ecstasy  
I will play upon  your pipe
 the wild reedy melody 
 of rapture

leaving reason to the city streets
 flensed by logic’s lye
we bed down  in this glade
 upon the moss  beneath the trees

I will be laced by leaf   and breeze
  and collared  by a wreath of  scented vine

and though the day is fair
there will be rains   exchanged
  between us

this moment put to  collaborative
 arts and gestures   erasing time
a flourish of fingerprints upon the spine
a sustained wag of the tongue
 between unsealed lips

I sing my glorianas 
 in the untamed language of
  living heat
now at the pace of the snail
  laying her iridescent track
  along your body
 now lightning  jolting  you 
  to electric quick
back to the meteoric flash  across the zodiac
making the rounds  constellation by constellation

forces of nature   in our palms
and we command springs to swell
  and well from the caverns beneath
we traverse thermal couplings
 link by link  through every species
undoing progress  countermanding restraint
excessive in our breech  of 
 civilized conduct  teetering on the lip
  of fertile chaos

mid the clashes and slams of collison
 molecules break and atoms scatter
in distant aftermath  to regather  
into  new constructs
 of satyr and nymph
as we finger the stops
blow hot breath  across the open holes
at play and playing  this sacred melody  
upon the pipe  again and

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