pasiphae’s song

Pasiphae’s song

certain magics move us to the quick
a gestured expression  rooted in desire
burns through the haze of gentility
and we aspire  to slough all civilized restraints 
 to assume the bindings of this wild place  
where nectar brewed inside the cave
so sweet   the risk   the sting 
of sacrificial pain  is gladly taken as
  price of wanton bliss

tied to the horns 
 of the moon   
 of the womb
 of the bull
the dilemma we straddle
 reaching for honey 
 risking the toxic prick

dark cavern of the mind
home to   visions shadowcast  by flare
the nectar’d sweetness   the light bearing wax
where desire hibernates in fissured cracks
waiting for the wakening heat 
a nest of newborn wants 
writhes to be heeded

let reason  the subduer
 submit to passion
 contraptioned in the dark
freeing the fire  it can neither comprend
  nor tame  
to be expressed
 in the sacred tongue of profaned love 
 by which we are bound together
 in our arts

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