mending glass

mending glass

how then to meditate upon the
 shattered figments
how too   to mediate between 
 each shard   picking and plucking
 from the broken  selecting and 
   making our way back to the whole
for it’s through the looking glass
 and down the rabbit hole
and nowhere else   that certain
 magicks can be found

 time now  to shatter the glass 
  veiling the clock face
in one instant freeing the seconds
 just as  from the hourglass
 we freed imprisoned sand
 to create  desert
 dunes   the beach
the airborne gritsmother of reefs

time now to shatter the mercurial glass
 home of the double who knows true
   left from right
in her fall she multiplies into  
 a thousand and onefold   smaller selves
 grinning at my one-of-a-piece
before the fire
 smoke etched in parables
the hazy pretext of reality clouds
 the world within  without
  the plume  of flame becoming smoke
  writes the text of night

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