year X day 1 10.09.09

a new year 
begins  whenever I say begin
and this is it   more going on than meets the eye
     (always the case)
tracking the pattern of activity
repeated walks  down the long hall
between bed/book room and work/book room
and between these and down the staircase
for coffee
for food
for feeding the cats
for watching entertainments
or answering the door
or taking down the dirty clothes
or bringing them up again  clean
easily 20 times a day
up and down and up and down
there is at least one trip to the mailbox
usually two  to put things out
to take things in 
several trips to the front door
to see if packages have been left
or to the back door
to let cats in and out
to inhale the outside
check the weather
or venture out/in/to 
the yard to see how the metasequoia grows
or whether the branch wrenched from the trunk of the maple crown
and caught in the arms of lower branches has finally been wind freed
and fallen  to ground but it is now three or four years it has lain high in the trees
and been buffeted and still it holds fast
though it is rotting
and after the leaves fall  I see that the dismember
is covered in lichen green  its bark peeling away
and one smaller limb of it has broken free and caught lower down
among other branches
so now there are two sundered limbs
I watch and wait to see them fall

sometimes a trip to the window or porch
or yard front or back
to watch clouds gather or rain fall
to watch the leaves or read the frost runes upon the grass
sometimes to note the particulars of changeable sky blue
which is at its deepest in autumn 
cobalt background for the carnival of the trees about to shed dress
the brassier raiment than that that filigreed the trees in spring
upon first budding before greening up and greened over
by the alchemy of chlorophyll 
  the shimmer of spring green chartreuese on locust 
   and sugar maple trees
  the wine dark norwegian maple leaves
all the leaves returning to early form. . . 

similar to the human “second childhood”

happily  I have never fully left my first childhood
 remaining easily entranced by wonders 
  (small large and generally unnoticed)
 erupting in inappropriate laughter as determined by 
  withered   adult standards
a lack of anxiety about being alone 
 insouciant fearlessness    around trying new things
giving in to the allurements of the Unknown
and Difference

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