mysterium (edited)

whether some lack of completion or over-
doing.  mocked-up model: a world.  this  tease of
shapes. moment by moment    snap 
shots.  page through fast  faster  now they 
flicker haltingly   on the run.  
from outside looking in looking 
on   this world  appears 
operational. view the landscape.  in particular all 
its breathing pieces.  hone in    on the 
metaphor makers.  observe the  confusions
note the faces: quizzical   perpetually perplexed. 
yet smiling.

yes to be. yes to be writing
the power over me. of words. the 
shepherding  into momentary herds   in coherence
bound to speak out of the mock’d up world.  

feel of the barken dress of the yard oak.  
scrunch of her fallen desiccate leaves
her bare crown  the fractaled fingers of her skull
itching to touch the sun. her undercarriage stilll robed
soon to be snow veiled. dryad within    sinks 
to her roots 

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