currently I sit
in the midst of a Nor’easter
though I’d prefer 
more snow than is forecast
the wind roars
and at the head of my bed
the window has a missing piece
about the size of a quarter
the storm window does not keep
the wind out
baby gusts swirl around
my head
as the roar lifts and falls

it’s almost too exciting
to sleep through

I revert   or 
depending upon your perspective
to the sleep pattern of the cats:
sleep whenever you’re sleepy;
otherwise  be awake

through the day/night cycle
any hour might find me awake
or    asleep

I  coil up and huddle under
covers  available in the three rooms
where I spend major time
excepting the kitchen
where I stay warm being active

one of my favorite seasons
 THE favorite when it is newly upon us
 and unveiling its unruliest face
drawing up and into
my head
(and my knitting)
I amuse myself with fancies
 which involve more activity
than the season encourages in me
it is a hunkering down that pleases me
I have resolved to go  Out more
  rather than use the Wonder of the Out
  to enhance the Wonder of the In/n

and to take my camera
though my camera does not
care for the cold 
necessitating the use of body heat
to warm it between shutterings. . .

frost and froth
simmer and stew 
winter words of power

the stark of it all
enchants me

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