there are kisses and kisses
here   I mean the ones
shattering perspectives
 of loneliness
and I am overcome
by fleeting visions
of lips  speaking the body language
of the ur-tongue

here is the autumnal morning
mist   hiding the frosted kiss
upon the leaf fall
the good night  sleep tight kiss
of growing season’s end
grace note to beckon winter sleep

here is the kiss
lips and tongue forming
words  silently offered up
in sing-song praise of the gem
before your eyes
its many facets reflecting
all the true you’s
brought together in 
burning focus
of brilliantine mineral kisses

here are star kisses 
traveling for eons
to cool kiss your night body
into fire  after a day of 
bright solar kisses
and clouded rain kisses

here are my kisses
traveling the length of your person
word kisses wandering into your ear
whispering lip kisses into the shallow
at your throat, into the nock
  of your elbow
into the navel sump left after your fall
 into the grace of life

here is the intimate kiss
 of acceptance
your body projecting
 into mine
to be rapt and wrapt
in the wellspring  well sprung
 kiss of slick interior walls

here are the kisses
you have bestowed on me
over all this distance
from the back side of the moon
from lover’s tombs
from the spoken words echoing out
 of the ink long dried on the page
from the tales you told
peeking in at the kitchen window
under the willow
from under the mushroom’s gills
from out the hazelnut’s shell
from the taste of salmon
 on my thumb

kiss me again,  
my loves,
as I lay my lips on you

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