threescore and ten

when I was a kid
 like most kids
 I thought I’d live forever
  (though I also knew
    this was my last time ‘round)
and I certainly thought
70 was nigh near ancient

and yet here I am
as of two days ago

and gleeful to report
almost all the things 
I gathered,
was told,
or learned indirectly 
  from listening
  to old folks speak about themselves
are absent from my life

no stiffening of my limbs
 nor any other of  the common
 debilitations of ageing
 physical or mental

and those of my ideas
which are “set”
 have been so
 since I was that kid
are about the importance of love
and the Connectedness of all things

and those things 
most important to me  then
the Outback
other Beloveds of all stripes
the work of hands
speaking my mind

remain my passions
as intensely today
as they were all those years ago

I could not wish for more
and for the world
I continue to wish for
what has eluded we,
the species:
and that blend of
reason and emotion
that invigorates the spirit
and which would make us 
truly sane

2 comments on “threescore and ten

  1. andy says:

    The number of summers or winters we have passed, or will yet pass, treading the soil of this island in the cosmos as it circles its star seem to me to be less significant than the learning we uncover along the way. It seems to me too (for what it’s worth, as I often doubt my own learning) that you have learned much, and continue also in that way. Many happy returns of two days ago, Suzanne!

  2. suzanne says:

    thanks andy!

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