bon voyage

as I write
the first of my completed 
gift work of my hands
is winging its way to British Columbia
to a Beloved there
after it arrives I will post a photo
but not before the receipient has it in hand
as it’s  color and pattern
and text(ure) is unknown to him

I have made 56,287 stitches for him
into a comfort giving 8.5’ x 10.5’ blankie
and thought a- and be-musedly about him
throughout the making

and in between times
I have completed three plain knit
(not lace) afghans
for the Chicago grand-daughters
and one to throw around my shoulders
to keep off the chill of this room

already another large one
is on the needles
in the works

3 comments on “bon voyage

  1. Geoff says:

    As the afore-mentioned Beloved, I can attest to 56, 287 perfect stitiches.

    Truly beautiful.

    And completely undeserved! Which makes it that much sweeter. It’s like being wrapped in forgiveness!

  2. Melanie Reding says:

    Since you haven’t posted for February, 2011, I decided to read last year’s posts for February. Only one. But left me wondering how you managed to keep such an accurate count of that many stitches? Does it have to do with a form of meditation, like counting the breath? How did you not lose track? Or did you designate a certain length section and go back and count and record each stitch when finished with that section? You may wonder why I would care? Good question.

    Carry on,


    • suzanne says:

      Melanie *laughing*
      no it’s a matter of a little math
      I know how many repeats of the pattern I cast on
      and how many rows to each full knitting of the pattern
      so a little multiplication
      and voila
      the numbe of stitches for the whole

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