spring clean-up

rake up the leaves that wintered over
on the lawn   beneath the snow
not whisked away
by gusts    and blows 

buy the New York Sunday Times
to clean the windows
  which just yesterday
  were all thrown open
    as were the doors
to allow in sun heated air
 (and the cats stroll in and out
  without human intervention)

bask in the sun:
sitting, walking, riding, lying down 
thinking reading writing dreaming 

air out the feelings
still!   of
abandonment created by
  the departure of Beloveds
  who were having a grand time
  and then just
  up’d and disappeared
  from active engagement

(brings us round again to
  what’s a siren for?)

rejoice in new Beloveds
 in coltsfoot blooming
 lilac leaf bud  green peeping out

likewise rejoice in the melancholy train blues
coming through the open window at night

wait impatiently
for spring peeper songs

stretch  flap my wings
and fly

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