taking down

room by room
paintings and sketches 
pinned to the walls
  spirit catchers  and favorite pendants
  and do-daads
  blown glass baubles and doodles
      sent by Beloveds
left on the walls
the ghost shadows on paint
 protected by what overlay

taking down
fleece abstracts on
  chicken wire
taking down all the empty book shelves

I have sour cherries
from a picking expedition last spring
in the freezer   one pie’s worth
 to be made into pie  before departure

doing my best   to use up   canned goods
 and freezer contents

in fewer than three weeks
 this part  the leave taking
will be concluded

and the last half
the settling in  to the new digs
will occur at a much more leisurely pace
interspersed with touring the new landscape
ogling and ohhhing and ahhhing  at all the beauty

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