as with most mornings
I was awakened this morning by
bird song
and my first thought was
that this time next week
I’ll be awakening to birdsong
in a new splace

and perhaps to the lowing 
 of a cow or two
this is my last Saturday here
where I have awakened on somewhere 
  in the vicinity of
    900 other Saturdays

the last week of the ups and downs on the stairs
somewhere in the vicinity of
952,127 steps up
and a like number down

from this 
to a ladder with
  close to ten rungs
and a different kind of ups and downs

by this time next week
I will be either at or   close to
the end point of this particular trek 

good-bye to all this
and  hello 
to something else entirely

I look around at rooms
some empty but   four
  almost floor to ceiling boxes
and wonder where it will all fit
in the newer smaller quarters:
choices necessitated by the structure
of new space

*     *     *
and now it is Tuesday
and departure inches
no    speeds

I know I am nearing the end of this process
because I am packing away