I did not die 
from mushroom poisoning!!!!
my absence more related to
tasks at hand
in particular
the cutting/hauling/splitting/stacking
of firewood


it gives me extraordinary pleasure
that trees   long favorite Beloveds of mine
should be keeping me warm
through the winter
by their now barren bones

I have been busy
and watching the birds
that feed from my avian picnic:
four varieties of woodpeckers 
8 regular suspect cardinals
same of blue jays
a bevy of finches

(and I am not alone
in my finch watching:
I call this
the pane of separation

a large clutch
  of (now) fat mourning doves

the surrpounding landscape
so green a few months back

now startling  wondrous
beautiful in monochromes
white/grays/browns/blacks/deep skyblue

and each day beginning and
in a splay of brilliant twilighting

the unpacking of the house
at a seasonal standstill
many boxes yet to go
on pallets in the garage
(where the spring thaw flooding won’t damage them)
tending the stove 
and feeding the critters
gets all the attention

the winter solstice
full mooned
and I danced an earth twirly dance
naked as the burr oak are
in the deep snowed lawn
a close to full guarantee
that the new year
will be splendiferous
for me

for you