it’s been nine months

since I last posted here
I have been simmering . . .
and now

I am ready to write again
meanwhile life has gone forward

the winter tasks essential to keeping
toasty warm
in spring
lawn tilled up
for a garden
gone since then
from bare
to veggie luxuriant;
an herb garden planted and harvested
and now nearing the end of my second September here
mushroom gathering has repeated

all the local berries
black raspberries/blackberries/elderberries
foraged and frozen for pies
to remind me of the season past

many more books read
writing more or less hiatus’d
though ideas percolate
as ideas will do
I am living in  my own idiosyncratic paradise
passion about what I was passionate about
when I was four
a reversion to essential form:
outdoors every day
a natural historian in her elemental


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